Hi People! I have something to tell you about, there is a lots behind 1984Miracles idea and if you wanna know few bits here is one of the story….

As you know already we stock 3 brands at the moment FEMI STORIES, ELADE and LONG JOHN. About Long John which is accessories brand  I am gonna make separate post. Having them in stock was not a coincident, that was a part of a plan, them might seem to be different to each other but have lots in common and we really need everyone to know about it just because in overall it makes a sense. So if you wonder why:

  • paying attention to details while being designed – every single piece is well thought and well crafted in final process, all items from collections match to each other perfectly. FEMI owners/designers send a little message with every single piece for their customers. While ELADE main motto PRFC – passion, respect, friendship, creativity  is printed on some of the items just to promote it as much as it might be.
  • promoting a lifestyle ideas – FEMI girls are passionate about sports, active lifestyle supported with keeping your body and mind in a healthy way. All ideas and inspirations in designs and prints come from travelling and nature. FEMI STORIES are stories about everyone of us – women. While ELADE brand came from being connected with street lifestyle like hip hop culture and skateboarding, they not only manufacture clothes but also take parts and hosting different types of hip hop events like music gigs, breakdance battles and many more.
  • supporting community – FEMI STORIES brand supports active and passionate girls who are not afraid of bit of extreme like surfing or snowboarding . Lots of the time they are a main organizer and sponsor of many well known sports events. Clothes are designed to feel coziness  and look super stylish at the same time. The ELADE brand goes for Dj’es, breakdancers and skateboarders supporting their ideas in many different ways.
  • designs – ladies Femi collections are done mainly for one reason – whoever is gonna where it around is going to feel unreal fitting due to using very soft, high quality cotton fabrics. There are always either super extra colourful pieces or toned basics. You choose.Trust me when you wear it around you’re not gonna stay unnoticed anymore, their prints catch the eyes. Every single Femi sweatshirt/hoodie has so well desired but yet not popular around clothing designers, thumb hole cuff, that is just something extra. Many of the pieces has logos or details  embroidered which gives them a lot of solid, chic look. While Elade Crew concentrate to bring out comfort and quality each time they design.Classic but yet unique prints mostly with brand logo gives you an extraordinary look. What is great about brand it is not only reserved for boys, good few pieces are known as unisex too. So girls, just go for it!
  • passion – they are both independent brands made with lots of LOVE, CARE and PASSION which is shown through their designs, production and also promotion.

That’ll be it for now. This are just few reason why we love them,  I have a huge hope I got you bit closer our brands if you would like to find out more just pop in to our little store @ 5St Augustine St Galway or feel free to email us if you have any queries 🙂





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