Scratching workshops and Pop up shop with NUIG Dj Soc

Last Monday we had a pleasure to teamed up with NUIG Dj Society and were hosting Scratching Workshops at the Hub Aras Na Mac Leinn, NUI Galway. It was an open format event for anyone who wants to learn how to scratch which is not that easy as it might look at the first impression. Huge Thanks to Bongani an auditor of Dj Soc who invite us for that co-operation and smooth organisation. Also special Thanks to Jmmy Pnguin a Skratch Lords member from Galway City who was showing his master skills throughout the event. We had a small pop-up shop as well just show the independent brands we stock at the moment @femistories @streetwearsf @eladewear @czapkilongjohn

Check out the pics!

Learning in progress

Bongani Dj Soc Auditor

open view

Pop-up shop

Jmmy Pnguin the master of the skills

Demel ( 1984Miracles co-owner) and Dj himself

@streetwearsf 1st official streetwear brand straight from Cork City

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