1984 Miracles: A Brief History.

1984 Miracles opened their doors in 14th April 2017 and have brought something new to the bustling city of Galway, namely a cool fashion boutique with a very interesting music element to it.  The shop is run by couple Dagmara Zolty and her boyfriend Mati, Dagmara handling the business end of the shop whilst Mati handles the Community Scratch Sessions along with Galway man, Jimmy Penguin which is hosted on the last Saturday of each month in the shop.  The record label Cut and Paste Records is also part of the shop and some of the vinyl records on display at the shop are possibly used as dub plates for the scratching session.  I called down to the shop on 27th January to film some of the community scratch session and to get an interview with Dagmara.

Niall: Dagmara what inspired you with with the name 1984 Miracles for the shop?

Dagmara: 1984 was the year that myself and Mati, the other half of 1984 Miracles was born and we were thinking 1984 what?  And we came up with miracles, yeah why not!  Let’s do 1984 Miracles.

Niall:  It was like a dream come true for you?

Dagmara: Well we could say that, this show was an idea a good few years back and that was some kind of a dream.  Whatever is happening at the moment, I see sometimes that I can’t believe it’s actually happening, everything just goes with the flow.

Niall: So tell me a bit about Mati’s involvement with the shop

Dagmara: This was actually Mati’s idea, he’s been a DJ for a good few years since he was a kid and he’s always been involved with music events.  He’s a DJ himself, scratching and he is doing it at home whenever he can and he has loads of friends in that industry as well.  We decided to mix everything up, work, business and fashion together and hopefully it works.

DJs scratching at 1984 Miracles.

Mati and scratch student.







Niall: I think its a fantastic idea, I think it’s a very positive thing to bring to a clothes shop, its like you are grooving while you shop and look for clothes.

Dagmara: We are very happy that people consider that a very nice thing, we try to do it as natural as we can and for now, everyone is welcome into the session and everyone that wants to learn how to do scratching, just feel free to pop in.  We do (Community Scratch Sessions) at the shop every last Saturday of the month, so people will know for the next time.

Dagmara & Mati launching the shop in 14th April 2017.

Niall: I was doing a bit of research and I realised that it is very popular in urban America (scratch hip hop sessions in clothes shops) there is quite a few fashion stores with the hip hop thing, Kanye West ha his own line of fashion (laughs).

Dagmara: That’s the thing.

Femi Stories Model.

Niall: And you were saying in Poland too, that scratch and hip hop sessions in clothes shops were popular there?

Dagmara: All the brands we stock they are kind of, there is something behind it, its not only clothing, there is a story behind every single brand.  They always support either the local music scene, like for example, break-dancers, the skate boarders or women’s clothing like the Femi Stories women’s brand.

Femi Stories Top.


Displays at 1984 Miracles.









Niall: Femi Stories, where’s that now, is that a Polish brand?

Dagmara: That’s the Polish brand and they usually support surfers, skateboarders, snowboarders, girls who enjoy travel, adventure.

Niall: And the lads like the Elade baseball caps (laughs).

Dagmara: So we try to bring everything to Galway and see how people will like it and hopefully it takes off from there.  Its not even a year yet, a full year of the business will be in the middle of April.

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