It has been a while, but decide to start blogging more often just to talk about fashion, music, clothes and labels we stock. Today want to show you a T-shirt we stock at the moment and deserve to be expose more. I always admire it’s classic, plain cut all black with this cool white ELADE GRL logo at the bottom front. I decided to try it on how it fits and got some ideas how to style it straight away. When I put it on it just stayed with me, fall in LOVE totally. It is first time that ELADE streetwear brand released womens line and they got the point. Take a look on the pictures below it is size M I am wearing but I prefer bit oversized fitting. They have that boyish, box fit anyway no waist cut just to give that extra streetwear look. We stock them in black only at the moment in size S and M. Very limited. If you have any queries always drop us a message either FB or INSTAGRAM

    Shop https://1984miracles.ie/product/t-shirt-grl-major-black/


  • Scratching workshops and Pop up shop with NUIG Dj Soc

    Last Monday we had a pleasure to teamed up with NUIG Dj Society and were hosting Scratching Workshops at the Hub Aras Na Mac Leinn, NUI Galway. It was an open format event for anyone who wants to learn how to scratch which is not that easy as it might look at the first impression. Huge Thanks to Bongani an auditor of Dj Soc who invite us for that co-operation and smooth organisation. Also special Thanks to Jmmy Pnguin a Skratch Lords member from Galway City who was showing his master skills throughout the event. We had a small pop-up shop as well just show the independent brands we stock at the moment @femistories @streetwearsf @eladewear @czapkilongjohn

    Check out the pics!

    Learning in progress

    Bongani Dj Soc Auditor

    open view

    Pop-up shop

    Jmmy Pnguin the master of the skills

    Demel ( 1984Miracles co-owner) and Dj himself

    @streetwearsf 1st official streetwear brand straight from Cork City

  • Collaboration with NUIG Style Society

    Hello Everyone!

    09.10.17 on Monday we had a pleasure to take part in great students fashion event organising by NUIG Style Society at one of University beautiful spots O’Donoghue Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance. The Society Auditor Georgia Feeney, a lovely girl we dealt with most of the time, let us know that they decide to go for photo session at NUIG with models wearing our stock. All event was more than great organised, models had a professional make up done and shots were taken by photographer. Girlz and Boyz were absolutely rocking @femistories @streetwearsf @elade and@longjohn pieces.I was on the side taking shots of what was happening 🙂 Here is few:





  • No#4 Community Skratch Session

    Hello Everyone.

    16.09.2017 we are hosting another Community Skratch Session @1984Miracles – store in Galway City. If you have free afternoon and would like to learn how to skratch or just listen some good skills and a good craic just pop in, it kicks off at 4 pm. It is our 4th session already and we have a hope running this events every month or two.

    The best skills, technic, eye catchy clothes and cool vibes – all @1984Miracles.

    In the meantime check out our promotional video for upcoming event.

    Video – MOKA Photography/ Kartonowy Kot @madage.one


    See You there 🙂


    So we have nearly end of July and someone might say, well it is quite late to buy swimsuit at this stage, but well we say it is never too late for anything. For example John Pemberton is known as a founder of Coca-Cola when he was 55. That is how everything starts just do it!

    Femi Stories brand picked super summery, unique prints for their SS’17 collection like cacti, parrots, tropical flowers, tropical birds, leopard prints which only makes them a MUST HAVE this season. All designs inspired by nature and travelling.

    If you wanna pick one for yourself you have to be fast cause they are very limited at the same time, here is the link to the online shop


    Also you can pop in to our Galway based boutique, we are here to give you an advice while shopping. Looking forward seeing you!



    Hi People! I have something to tell you about, there is a lots behind 1984Miracles idea and if you wanna know few bits here is one of the story….

    As you know already we stock 3 brands at the moment FEMI STORIES, ELADE and LONG JOHN. About Long John which is accessories brand  I am gonna make separate post. Having them in stock was not a coincident, that was a part of a plan, them might seem to be different to each other but have lots in common and we really need everyone to know about it just because in overall it makes a sense. So if you wonder why:

    • paying attention to details while being designed – every single piece is well thought and well crafted in final process, all items from collections match to each other perfectly. FEMI owners/designers send a little message with every single piece for their customers. While ELADE main motto PRFC – passion, respect, friendship, creativity  is printed on some of the items just to promote it as much as it might be.
    • promoting a lifestyle ideas – FEMI girls are passionate about sports, active lifestyle supported with keeping your body and mind in a healthy way. All ideas and inspirations in designs and prints come from travelling and nature. FEMI STORIES are stories about everyone of us – women. While ELADE brand came from being connected with street lifestyle like hip hop culture and skateboarding, they not only manufacture clothes but also take parts and hosting different types of hip hop events like music gigs, breakdance battles and many more.
    • supporting community – FEMI STORIES brand supports active and passionate girls who are not afraid of bit of extreme like surfing or snowboarding . Lots of the time they are a main organizer and sponsor of many well known sports events. Clothes are designed to feel coziness  and look super stylish at the same time. The ELADE brand goes for Dj’es, breakdancers and skateboarders supporting their ideas in many different ways.
    • designs – ladies Femi collections are done mainly for one reason – whoever is gonna where it around is going to feel unreal fitting due to using very soft, high quality cotton fabrics. There are always either super extra colourful pieces or toned basics. You choose.Trust me when you wear it around you’re not gonna stay unnoticed anymore, their prints catch the eyes. Every single Femi sweatshirt/hoodie has so well desired but yet not popular around clothing designers, thumb hole cuff, that is just something extra. Many of the pieces has logos or details  embroidered which gives them a lot of solid, chic look. While Elade Crew concentrate to bring out comfort and quality each time they design.Classic but yet unique prints mostly with brand logo gives you an extraordinary look. What is great about brand it is not only reserved for boys, good few pieces are known as unisex too. So girls, just go for it!
    • passion – they are both independent brands made with lots of LOVE, CARE and PASSION which is shown through their designs, production and also promotion.

    That’ll be it for now. This are just few reason why we love them,  I have a huge hope I got you bit closer our brands if you would like to find out more just pop in to our little store @ 5St Augustine St Galway or feel free to email us if you have any queries 🙂






    Here we have some news! Few bits went 20-30% OFF original price, check out our SALE category in SHOP.

    It is just women’s collection for now, mostly dresses, shorts, skirts and tee’s. Follow us cause more is about to be added. That gives you a chance to grab  piece of really great quality and unique design.

    Did I mention already FEMI STORIES and ELADE is first time in Ireland and only available to buy at 1984Miracles?! 😉


  • From the inside a few words about us

    It has been an over 2 months already since we opened.Times flies no doubt about it. For those who didn’t have a chance to pop in yet we have a little sneak peak what is in, how it looks like and also how to find us. We stock 2 brands at the moment ladies FEMI STORIES and men’s ELADE . It happens that both of them are first time in Ireland and only in Galway City yet but we also run online store as you noticed already 🙂 Femi Stories is designed by two sisters Kamila & Anita Nawarkiewicz who are owners of the brand too. Since good few years they create clothing for women’s who want to feel comfortable in their outfit and look stylish at the same time so that gives us a collections full of super soft cotton pieces with unique prints, patterns and basics for those who prefer classic timeless style. They are perfect for everyday look, for an adventure or trip with friends or family.While the Elade brand take inspiration from street lifestyle like skateboarding or breakdance. Their pieces are classic in designs, well tailored and also for those who appreciate comfort while wearing their outfit. Made mostly 100% cotton gives us great quality. There is still more to tell but let’s leave it for next post 🙂 Just to let you know our store is located on 5 St Augustine St. Galway City it’s crossroad from back entrance to Eyre Square Shopping Center. We have lovely light green entrance just to make it bit more noticeable 😉 I leave you with few pictures from our store.